I’ve been reflecting on the in-balance created over the festive period with the Christmas gorging and the inevitable self-inflicting famine that occurs in its wake in the form of diets, cold juicing cleanses and the like. Its strikes me as a form of energetic lunacy, unfitting at this time of year when our kidney energy is at its weakest and our immune systems often challenged with seasonal coughs and colds. Besides, it’s cold out, why drown your digestive fire with damp liquids? I see lots of women in practice with weak digestive energy and kidney energy from not appropriating their lifestyles with the seasons, so please, warm your feet and tummy, eat warm food and head out like a glow worm to the winter air.

Some of my favourite winter warmers are Vietnamese ‘pho’ noodle soups, the garlic and onion won’t win you friends but your immune system will love you for it, the added bonus being a facial steam if it’s a nice big bowl! If you sit at a desk all day for a living then put a hot water bottle at your feet and your brain will work ten times better, try it.

But here’s a nod to cleansing, it’s great to detox but so much more detoxing when we’ve all warmed up a bit, so wait until spring, the best time of year to neck thick clay-like concoctions, clean your colon, sweat it out and stand on your head, whatever takes your fancy. Happy new year of the goat!