Fertility and Cosmetic Acupuncturist in London

My approach is always to help patients understand what’s going on for them and to design easy manageable and practical treatment plans that work for the individual. The goal is to empower patients and find solutions together, treatment plans will differ depending on what the problem is and the health goal, be it wellness or regulating menstrual cycles.

I specialise in acupuncture to benefit women’s health

I work with women to help improve menstrual irregularities such as PCOS, gynaecological conditions and hormonal imbalances including endometriosis and thyroid issues.

I also work to improve male and female infertility and offer pregnancy support, pre-birth and postpartum care.  

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their goal of starting a family and have worked with eminent fertility specialists at the Zita West clinic, I am now in general practice and part of the fertility support team at the London Acupuncture Clinic and in Belsize park where we treat many conditions including insomnia, autoimmune disease, anxiety disorders, chronic disease, injuries and musculoskeletal pain, digestive conditions alongside the focus on fertility.

My post-graduate training includes reflexology, tuina massage, abdominal sacral massage and more recently, cosmetic facial acupuncture using the acuregen method with celluma LED light therapy.