Acupuncture has been integral to oriental medicine for thousands of years

It is now practised globally to treat a wide range of conditions and commonly recognised as an effective intervention for pain relief. 

Chinese medicine has a holistic view of health in that it makes no separation between the body, mind and its external environment

Achieving wellness is largely about finding balance, by its effect on the nervous system acupuncture can help to activate the self-regulatory functions of the body restoring homeostasis. 

Acupuncture seeks to unearth the root causes of illness as well as treating the manifesting symptoms that a patient shows. An acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of small very fine needles into acupuncture points on the body, acupuncture points when stimulated by needles help to bring blood circulation into deficient areas activating the free flow of energy or ‘qi’.  The endorphic effect of treatment often brings about a sense of peace and wellbeing afterwards making it ideal for managing stress.

Consultation and treatment

An acupuncture consultation will involve a comprehensive enquiry into medical history, onset of symptoms, palpation is often used to detect areas of imbalance and injury. 

A treatment plan will then be devised often involving a prescription of weekly sessions, this may involve referrals to other clinics and specialists for tests. 

I work closely with other specialist nutritionists, naturopaths and medical practitioners so I can provide the most bespoke plan for my clients, treatment may sometimes involve nutritional and lifestyle advice.